Ghiath is a creative with a reputation for outstanding design, he is one of the leading creative directors in the Middle East.
He leads large brand change schemes which involve complex culture and identity development. Ghiath is hands-on designer, with intuitive strategic skills and leads large, multi-disciplinary teams in 2-3-dimensional and digital branding.
Formerly with FITCH, he had extensive experience in both European and Middle Eastern consultancies. His role is to oversee large design deployment projects, and to create unity across the consumer touch-points.
He is integral to writing the guidelines ensuring consistency throughout onward use of the brand. Ghiath’s interpretive design skills are immense and his ability to create contemporary Arabic Design with global appeal is prodigious. Many of the Middle East most prominent identities have Been crafted in his inimitable style.
Ghiath’s approach is built on a nurturing education including training in an Arab University and grounding in world class design agencies. This experience lead to a determination to follow a creative approach to brand building built on methodically prepared foundations.
Ghiath utilizes extensive formal and informal research to develop a full understanding of client’s business requirements and the challenges facing the brand.
This enables Ghiath to develop the insights that will foster an insightful positioning and powerful creative expression of the brand.
This approach has been and continues to be behind some of the region’s most recognized brands.
Ghiath creativity is at the heart of developing branding options capable of positioning brands effectively. Building on this Ghiath develops a brand story, a written piece that describes what the brand is all about. These documents inspire the design team to draw upon their understanding of local, regional and international culture to develop design themes that inspire and stimulate the desired responses in the brand’s customers.
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