The UAE has emerged as a hub and an incubator for creativity and ideas over the past few years and FEATHERS is a clear example of the strength of vision that innovators here have.
Each FEATHERS product is infused with the brand’s unique philosophy: simple yet luxurious, contemporary designs that have an eternal quality, captured in the attention to detail and a distinct Arabic touch.
Hence the founder of FEATHERS has an architectural background he gets fascinated and inspired by elements and patterns of the distinctive Emirati architecture, FEATHERS logo therefore is instantly recognisable and is seated in traditional Emirati design, reflecting the geometric patterns that are specific to the architecture of the region.
The logo also inspires a strong connection with regional values and the culture. In just a few months, FEATHERS has an exquisite range of scarves, perfumes, wallets, laptop cases, mobile cases and handbags, not to mention the fine jewellery line that has already garnered much attention from all quarters, and is being featured on TV and in newspapers and magazines across the country.
Product Photography for GL Design by George Shahda.
Product Photography for GL Design by George Shahda.
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